The Occupational English Test

What is the OET?

The OET is an exam which tests your English competency in a healthcare environment. It is a valid and reliable assessment of four language skills with an emphasis on communication in the healthcare professional setting.

Who is the OET for?

Nurses, doctors, veterinarians, dentists and allied health professionals.

Anyone who wants a recognised English qualification in the healthcare setting (an OET B is equivalent to IELTS 7).

Who recognises it?

In Australia, OET is recognised by:



the Department of Immigration

Medical Boards (AHPRA).

It's also recognised in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore.


Many organisations use OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

Why choose the OET?

If you are a healthcare professional, or want to be one, you have an advantage.

You can use your experience because the OET includes real communication scenarios for healthcare professionals including writing a referral and doing a role-play with a patient/carer.


Why choose ALC tutors for OET?

We are the only specialists who offer customised tutorials on the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. We come to you.  We teach what you need.


All our tutors have worked in the healthcare industry.

We offer private tutorials or small groups lessons.


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