Medical English

I don't want to do the OET but I need to improve my English for healthcare.  What can I do?

You can choose how you learn.  After your tutor assesses you, he/she will design your tutorial.

A lesson can include General/Academic English with a medical skill.  For example, you can learn the Present Perfect while writing a referral letter. 

We can help you with many skills for your profession.  You might want to learn how to:

  • Communicate with patients effectively and compassionately

  • Be confident rephrasing, explaining, prompting and educating

  • Communicate with health professionals clearly

  • Discuss treatment options, confidently give your opinions and assessments

  • Create an impressive CV and excel at interviews

  • Learn the dynamics and culture of healthcare teams in Australia

  • Understand which courses you can take to improve your career

  • Perform a patient interview (be confident at asking about history, symptoms and recording information) 

  • Transfer patient information to health professionals (on the phone and in writing)

  • Explain investigations and results

  • Use a medical dictionary, reference books and pharmacology books

  • Interpret medical diagrams and documents

  • Thoroughly understand case notes

  • Learn specialised language (e.g. for Oncology)

  • Learn common medical abbreviations

After each tutorial you are given formal feedback and homework. 

We believe that in order to improve you must get feedback.  At ALC, the tutors are particularly good at recognising your weaknesses and giving you strategies to improve.


We want you to continue learning after class. We can give you as much/little homework as you can fit in your schedule.


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