OET Study Options

You can choose either the Private Tutorials which target your areas of need. This is more intensive and is good for students who have already sat the OET and need specific advice about one or more of the sub-tests. 

If you are new to the OET, you can join our OET Small Groups which provide an introduction to the new OET test and basic strategies that are useful. 

How can I study for the OET at ALC?

We currently have OET Small Groups on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.  

Our evening classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are perfect for medical professionals or students who want to sit the OET but also want to practise with similar students.  

OET Small Groups

How will the OET help my career?

​You will learn how to

  • prioritise and organise case notes to write a well-structured letter  

  • listen to a consultation and take notes

  • respond to difficult patients and unexpected questions

  • pronounce words clearly and naturally

  • explain difficult medical terminology

  • read medical texts for comprehension, opinions, general meaning and attitudes

  • understand academic and medical vocabulary

  • speed read and summarise information from texts.

Small Group Timetable

* Subject to changes


The OET        General English 


Brisbane (Woollongabba, South Brisbane)

The Gold Coast (Helensvale, Currumbin)


Phone 0407 920 385

Email  tutorials.alc@gmail.com